Construction/Factory First Aid Kit



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Construction/Factory First Aid Kit
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First aid kit excludes container.

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The construction / factory first aid kit is recommended for factories and construction sites. Depending on the size of the factory and constrictions site more than one might be required.


1 x Burn Relief - 10x10cm

3 x Burnshield Hydrogel Sachet 3.5ml

1 x Cetrimide Cream 30g

1 x Cetrimide Solution 100ml

1 x Cold Pack Instant

4 x Conforming Bandage - 100mm

4 x Conforming Bandage - 50mm

4 x Conforming Bandage - 75mm

1 x Cotton Wool Rolls 100g

2 x CPR Mouthpieces

1 x Eye Bath Plastic

1 x Eyepads Single - Sterile

1 x Eyewash Bottles 250ml

6 x First Aid Dressing (FAD) No. 1

6 x First Aid Dressing (FAD) No. 2

4 x First Aid Dressing (FAD) No. 3

4 x First Aid Dressing (FAD) No. 4

1 x Metal Tweezers/Forceps

2 x Progauze Swabs Non-Sterile (8ply) 100's - 75x75mm

1 x Non-Woven Gauze Swabs Non-Sterile (8ply) 100's - 75x75mm

2 x Powder Free Latex Gloves - M

2 x Powder Free Latex Gloves - L

1 x Profab Fabric Adhesive Plaster Roll - 25mm x 3m

1 x Plaster Roll N/Woven 25mmx5m

1 x Plaster Strips Fabric (100)

20 x Plaster Strips Single

1 x Rescue Sheets Adult

1 x Safety Pins (12's)

1 x Scissor F.A Econ

2 x Splints Plastic

4 x Triangular Bandage N/Woven 30g (Sling Wrap)