Trauma Sports First Aid Kit



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ProSports First Aid Kit
ProSports First Aid Kit
Mini Trauma First Aid Kit
Mini Trauma First Aid Kit

Trauma Sports First Aid Kit

First aid kit excludes container.

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    ​This sports first aid kit is ideal for your large sporting events.


    170 Items
    x2 Burnshield Dressing 100x100mm
    x1 Burnshield Dressing 200x200mm
    x1 Burnshield Hydrogel 125ml
    x1 Solace SPF 30 50ml
    x1 Aquashield Chafing Cream 50g
    x6 Procrepe Bandage 50mm
    x6 Procrepe Bandage 75mm
    x6 Procrepe Bandage 100mm
    x3 FAD No. 2 (50x75mm)
    x4 FAD No. 3 (75x100mm)
    x5 FAD No. 5 (150x200mm)
    x4 Triangular Bandage – Calico Hemmed
    x1 Progauze Swabs Non-Sterile (75x75mm) 25’s
    x3 Progauze Swabs Sterile (75x75mm) 5’s
    x20 Plasters Waterproof
    x10 Plasters Anchor
    x4 Profab Fabric Roll (25mmx3m)
    x2 Profab Fabric Roll (50mmx1m)
    x3 Hypopore Paper Tape (24mmx9m)
    x3 Dressing Strip (4cmx1m) x3 Prostrap Rigid Tape White 38mm x 9.14m
    x2 Prostrap Rigid Tape Flesh 38mm x 13.7m
    x2 Cohesive Bandage 25mm x 4.5m
    x2 Cohesive Bandage 50mm x 4.5m
    x2 Prostrap Elastic Compression 50mm
    x1 Prostrap Elastic Compression 75mm
    x1 Prostrap Elastic Compression 100mm
    x6 Prostrap Elasitc Adhesive Bandage (50mmx4.5m stretch)
    x6 Elasitc Adhesive Bandage (75mmx4.5m stretch)
    x6 Elasitc Adhesive Bandage (100mmx4.5m stretch)
    x2 Plastipore Plastic Tape (12mmx5m)
    x2 Cohesive Soft 1 Foam Bandage
    x1 Prostrap Underwrap 50mmx10m
    x8 Pair of gloves
    x2 Disposable Cold Pack
    x1 First Aid Scissors (Metal)
    x1 Metal Forceps
    x1 Rescue Blanket Adult
    x10 Nasal Blood Stopper
    x1 Emergency Collar -Hard Foam Medium
    x1 Emergency Collar -Hard Foam Large
    x1 Collar ‘n Cuff
    x4 Plastic Interlocking Splints
    x2 CPR Mouthpiece
    x1 Mirror 75mm
    x5 Prowipe Antiseptic cleansing Wipes
    x1 Syringes 10ml
    x1 Friars Balsam