10L Biological Spill Kit



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10L Biological Spill Kit

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    The 10L biological spill kit is used to absorb bodily fluids such as urine, water and blood. This kit comes packed in a compact blue pvc bag.

    1 x Blue PVC Bag

    1 x 100ml Spray Bottle

    1 x 6g Chlorine Detergent - Disinfectant

    1 x 50gm Absorbent Granules

    1 x Powder Free Nitrile Gloves - Pair

    1 x Disposable Apron

    1 x Disinfectant Wipe

    1 x Disposable Scoop and Scraper

    1 x Bio Hazard Red Bag / Liner - 500x600mm

    1 x Cable Tie

    1 x Inventory List

    1 x Instructions Guide

    Items Can Be Purchased Individually Or As Spill Kit Refills, Please Feel Free To Enquire Accordingly.