25L Oil PVC Bag Spill Kit



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45L Oil Bucket Spill Kit
45L Oil Bucket Spill Kit
45L Oil PVC Bag Spill Kit
45L Oil PVC Bag Spill Kit

25L Oil PVC Bag Spill Kit


To be used on oil based spills only.

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    HydroCarbon – Absorbs Oils And Repels Water

    • 1 X Durable PVC Carrier Bag.
    • 1 X 15l Coco Peat Absorbent.
    • 1 X 1,2m Universal Absorbent Booms.
    • 1 X Universal Absorbent Pillow.
    • 1 X Dust Pan & Brush.
    • 1 X Pair Of Heavy Duty PVC Gloves.
    • 1 X Pair Of Safety Goggles.
    • 1 X Dust Mask.
    • 1 X Heavy Duty Recovery Bags.
    • 1 X Spill Instruction Guide.
    • 1 X Inventory Guide.

    Items Can Be Purchased In Individual Minimum Quantity Packs Or As Spill Kit Refills, Please Feel Free To Enquire Accordingly.

    Storage Advantage
    Specifically Manufactured To Fit Under Or In Small Cab Spaces.