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Rules of the Road Book
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Rules of The Road

The Know-the-Law Handbook

Equip yourself and your drivers with this handbook and save thousands in invalid traffic fines

It is a known fact that many fines are invalid due to numerous technicalities such as infringement notices being served late, the infringement not being adequately described, incorrect interpretations of the law by incompetent officers and traffic authorities not following correct official procedures. Corruption of traffic officers is also, unfortunately, not uncommon. This book not only puts the official regulations at your fingertips but helps you understand them and how to interpret them. Throughout the book, side-bars give additional information and tips regarding the law. Prosecution guidelines, that the authorities are legally obliged to follow are also included. These concern speeding offences, traffic light violations, camera traps, driving under the influence, overloading and the issuing warrants of arrest and roadblocks. To ensure a complete and accurate understanding, there is also a section listing and clarifying all the legal definitions of terms appearing in the National Road Traffic Act as well as the NRTA Regulations. Finally, there is a section outlining the Administration of Road Traffic Offences Act and what it means to you, followed by a simplified list of offences and penalties appearing in the traffic cop's (AARTO) price list.