1.5kg & 2.5kg Light Duty Fire Extinguisher Vehicle Bracket



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1.5kg & 2.5kg Light Duty Fire Extinguisher Vehicle Bracket

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Only suitable for Safequip brand fire extinguishers.

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The 1.5kg and 2.5kg fire extinguisher light duty vehicle bracket is a specially designed mounting accessory that ensures your fire extinguisher is securely fastened within your vehicle. This bracket is essential for maintaining safety on the road by keeping the extinguisher in a fixed, easily accessible position, preventing it from moving or causing injury during transit.


Key features include:

1. Durable Construction: Made from high-quality, sturdy materials such as steel or aluminum, providing reliable support and long-lasting performance.

2. Corrosion-Resistant Finish: Coated with a protective layer to prevent rust and wear, ensuring durability even in harsh environments.

3. Secure Mounting: Equipped with strong clamps or straps that firmly hold the fire extinguisher in place, preventing it from dislodging due to vehicle vibrations or sudden movements.

4. Easy Installation: Designed for straightforward installation in various vehicle types, including cars, vans, and small trucks, with pre-drilled holes for quick mounting.

5. Quick Release Mechanism: Features an intuitive quick-release system, allowing for fast and easy access to the fire extinguisher in case of an emergency.

6. Compact Design: Sized to minimize space usage while maximizing accessibility, fitting neatly into vehicle interiors without obstructing passengers or cargo.


1.     Size: 27x14x12.5cm

2.     Weight: 0.35kg


This 1.5kg and 2.5kg fire extinguisher light duty vehicle bracket is an essential safety accessory for any vehicle, providing peace of mind by ensuring that your fire extinguisher is always secure, accessible, and ready for use in emergencies.

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