HL120 Foam Trolley Fire Extinguisher



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50L Foam Trolley Fire Extinguisher
50L Foam Trolley Fire Extinguisher
Plastic Nozzle Fixed Fire Hose Reel
Plastic Nozzle Fixed Fire Hose Reel

HL120 Foam Trolley Fire Extinguisher


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    The innovatively designed HL120 Mobile Foam Unit is a fully self-contained mobile unit, which has been specifically developed for the rapid deployment of a foam extinguishing agent for fires and chemical spills. Further refinement has been achieved through a detailed ergonomic review and lower centre of gravity design, resulting in improved handling and mobility.

    Requiring only connection to a suitable water supply, the standard unit comprises a 120 litre foam concentrate tank AWG Z2 foam inductor and AWG S2 low expansion foam branch pipe. A 15m length of coiled 45mm diameter Firecheck fire hose, fitted with light alloy 2.5 inch instantaneous couplings to BS336 (other connections available on special order). A shut off ball valve is fitted to the branch pipe as a standard specification to facilitate swift operation by just one person.

    This improved performance, combined with an effective firefighting capability, makes the HL120 ideal for the protection of flammable liquid hazards such as boiler rooms, oil storage and loading terminals, paint or spirit stores, airfields, industrial sites, generator rooms and similar high risk areas. The HL120 provides a compact and highly efficient fighting unit on hand for a fast response with minimum manpower requirements.

    This highly versatile unit which is suitable for use with any type of foam concentrate, but is particularly effective when used with Sthamex Moussol APS foams where it effectively becomes an AF240 due to the induction rate, doubling the operating time on Polar Solvent fires.

    The ability to use AWG M2 and AWG M4 medium expansion foam branch pipes with this unit, makes it particularly suitable for rapid intervention in cases where vapour suppression of chemical spills is a necessity.

    Operating Time

    Using RLF4, Sthamex AFFF, Fluorofoam or Sthamex Moussol APS concentrates and HI-COMBAT F225/HU branch pipes at 3% induction rates, the HL120 Mobile Foam Unit provides a typical operating time of 16-22 minutes, dependent on operating pressure.


    Mass Empty: 65kg

    Tank Capacity: 120L

    Flow Rate: 4L/sec 

    Pressure: 0.7MPa

    Working Pressure Range: 0.6-0.8MPa

    Discharge Range: 15m

    Mixing Ration: 1%-6%

    Expansion Ration: 4

    25% Drainage Time: 60sec

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