Fire Extinguisher J Wall Bracket



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Fire Extinguisher J Wall Bracket
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Compatible with DCP fire extinguishers only.

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A fire extinguisher J wall bracket is a mounting device designed to securely hold a DCP fire extinguisher in place on a wall, ensuring easy access in case of an emergency. The bracket typically features a J-shaped design, providing a stable and durable support structure for the fire extinguisher. This bracket ensures that the fire extinguisher is held firmly in place while being easily accessible, enhancing fire safety protocols in any environment.


Key features include:

1. Material: Made from robust materials like steel or aluminum, coated with a corrosion resistant finish to ensure longevity.

2. Design: The J-shape cradles the extinguisher, preventing it from slipping or falling. The design allows for quick and easy removal during an emergency.

3. Mounting: Equipped with pre-drilled holes (2 x 7mm) for installation on various wall surfaces, using screws or bolts.

4. Compatibility: Suitable for DCP fire extinguishers.

5. Safety: Keeps the extinguisher visible and accessible, promoting safety and readiness in workplaces, homes, and public areas.


Specifications include:

1. Size: Back Plate - 84.5(h)x25(w)x2(t)mm “J” Hook – 25(h)x25(w)x16.5(t)mm.

2. Weight: 0.05kg


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