9L Foam Fire Extinguisher



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9kg DCP Fire Extinguisher
9kg DCP Fire Extinguisher
9L Water Fire Extinguisher
9L Water Fire Extinguisher

9L Foam Fire Extinguisher


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    This stored pressure foam content extinguisher is ideal for multi-risk situation where both Class A, combustible materials and Class B, flammable liquid and gases, are likely to be found, or where Class B risks represent a direct hazard.

    The blanketing foam effect of foam spray smothers the flame and prevents re-ignition of flammable vapors by sealing the surface of the solution.

    The foam is high expansion foam.
    Operating heads are of brass with either zinc or chrome plating; steel epoxy coated carrying handle and discharge lever, fitted with safety relief valve and pressure gauge.

    This is a SABS approved fire extinguisher.

    Product Dimensions:

    • 14.3kg - 64x19x19cm (Packed)

    Height: 580mm
    Diameter: 176mm
    Mass empty: 3.9kg
    Mass full: 12.9kg
    Effective range: 3–8m
    Working pressure: 1400kPa
    Test pressure: 2100kPa
    Burst pressure: >5500kPa
    Safety valve: +/- 2200kPa
    Discharge time: 12sec