FA - Spine Board - Plastic - Combo



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First Aid Bag - Black
First Aid Bag - Black
Zip Stretcher
Zip Stretcher

FA - Spine Board - Plastic - Combo


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    1. Plastic Spine Board

    - Angled edges for assisted log rolling. Tapered design follows body contours ensuring easy maneuverability in confined spaces.


    ·       Manufactured from high quality PE Material

    ·       Pre-stressed for additional weight carrying capabilities

    ·       Non-Slip mild grain surface

    ·       Ten large gripping handles

    ·       Mass: 7kg

    ·       Load Bearing: 159kg


    2. Head Immobilizer - Universal - Adult

    The Head Immobilizer is easy to use and compatible with most spine boards on the market. It features side blocks with wide Velcro closures, allowing for a snug fit. It also comes with a head/chin straps and a base plate that fastens easily to the board. The Head Immobilizer has no metal components and can be worn during x-rays, MRI and CT scan procedures. It’s waterproof and buoyant, perfect for water rescues. Easy to clean and disinfect for reuse. The Head Immobilizer is made with the highest grade of foam with a vinyl coating that is sure to last.


    3. Spider Harness - Velcro - Black


    Developed for use with trauma boards and scoop stretchers.


    ·       Used to secure patient to a spinal board

    ·       Manufactured from high quality nylon webbing

    ·       Available with Velcro tie or Plastic Clip Buckle

    ·       Available in black only