Advanced Eye Wash Station



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Advanced Eye Wash Station
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An eye wash station is needed to quickly and effectively flush the eyes in case of exposure to chemicals, debris, or other harmful substances. It helps to prevent further injury or damage to the eyes by providing a means to rinse them thoroughly.

Our Eye Wash Station is a crucial safety device designed to provide quick and easy eye irrigation in case of emergencies. Featuring a durable construction and easy installation, this station is essential for workplace safety in areas where there is a risk of exposure to harmful chemicals or substances. The high-visibility design and easily accessible hand-operated faucet ensure that it can be used promptly when needed, helping to minimize the impact of eye injuries. Ensure the safety of your employees with our reliable and effective Eye Wash Station.  

The advanced eye wash station consists of the following:

  • Well marked and visible base station for easy identification in an emergency
  • Printed instructions for ease of use
  • Mirror on base station allows for monitoring during application
  • Dual tube flush and flush cap (valve) system
  • ​2 x 500ml bottles with screw caps for easy refilling
  • 3 x Wall plugs & screws