Advanced Life Support (ALS) First Aid Kit



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Advanced Life Support (ALS) First Aid Kit
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First aid kit does not include a container.
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This is the largest of the big first aid kit. It is recommended that this kit is used by trained personnel only ​​e.g. Doctors, Paramedics, Sisters, Ambulance Personnel.

156 Items:

x2 Burnshield Dressing (100 mm x 100 mm)
x2 Burnshield Dressing (200 mm x 200 mm)
x2 Burnshield Dressing (600 mm x 400 mm)
x3 Burnshield Digit Dressing (25 mm x 0,5 m)
x2 Burnshield Limb Dressing (50 mm x 1 m)
x2 Burnshield Hydrogel (125 ml)
x2 Conform Bandage (50 mm)
x2 Conform Bandage (75 mm)
x2 Conform Bandage (100 mm)
x2 FAD No. 2 (50 mm x 75 mm)
x2 FAD No. 3 (75 mm x 100 mm)
x2 FAD No. 5 (150 mm x 200 mm)
x2 Trauma Pad (300 mm x 200 mm)
x6 Triangular Bandage – Non Woven
x6 Gauze Swabs Sterile (75 mm x 75 mm) 5’s
x2 Paraffin Gauze (100 mm x 100 mm) 3’s
x6 Post OP Non woven + Pad (90 mm x 60 mm)
x1 Prostrap EAB Premium Bandage (75 mm)
x2 Plastipore Plastic Tape
x2 Cohesive Soft 1 Foam Bandage
x6 Pair of Gloves
x1 Disposable Cold Pack
x1 Rescue Scissors
x2 Emergency Rescue Blanket (2 m x 1 m)
x1 Ambulance Collar (Hard Foam Small)
x1 Ambulance Collar (Hard Foam Medium)
x1 Ambulance Collar (Hard Foam Large)
x1 Corrotex Arm/Leg Splint
x1 CPR Mouthpiece
x2 Airway(Guedel) 00 Non Sterile
x2 Airway(Guedel) 0 Non Sterile
x2 Airway(Guedel) 4 Non Sterile
x2 Airway (Guedel) 1 Non Sterile
x2 Blood Admin Set 10 Drop
x2 I.V. Admin Set 60 Drop
x2 I.V. Admin Set 20 Drop
x3 I.V. Cannula 22 G
x3 I.V. Cannula 20 G
x3 I.V. Cannula 18 G
x3 I.V. Cannula 16 G
x2 I.V. Cannula 14 G
x3 Cord Clamps
x10 Alcohol Pads
x10 Needles 21 G
x4 Syringes 5 ml
x4 Syringes 10 ml
x4 Syringes 20 ml
x1 Pupil Torch
x1 Mucous Extractor
x5 Blood Lancets
x2 Scalpel Blade
x1 Reflective Bib
x1 Aneroid Sphygmomanometer
x2 Sanitary Towels
x1 Combur 3 Sticks
x1 Double Head Double Tube Stethoscope
x2 Suction Catheter
x1 Suction Catheter Yank
x1 Magills Forceps Adult
x2 Magills Forceps Paediatric
x1 ET Tube Paediatric
x2 ET Tube Child
x2 ET Tube Adult