Regulation 7 - First Aid Kit (Government Spec)



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Regulation 3 - First Aid Kit (Government Spec)
Regulation 3 - First Aid Kit (Government Spec)
Blood Spill Kit
Blood Spill Kit

Regulation 7 - First Aid Kit (Government Spec)

First aid kit excludes container.

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    The regulation 7 first aid kit consists of all contents as predicted by the Draft General Health and Safety Regulations as published on 28 October 2005 (Government Gazette, No. 28162 (p.23)).

    The number of boxes required should be determined by the employer, taking the following into account:

    The type of injuries that are likely to occur at a workplace.

    The nature of the activities performed.

    The number of employees employed at such workplace.

    Content List:

    49 Items:
    x1 Burnshield Dressing 100x100mm
    x4 Proform (Conforming) Bandage 75mm
    x4 Proform (Conforming) Bandage 100mm
    x4 FAD No. 3 (75x100mm)
    x4 FAD No. 5 (150x200mm)
    x4 Triangular Bandage – Non Woven
    x2 Progauze Swabs Sterile (75mmx75mm) 5’s
    x1 Progauze Swabs Non-Sterile (75mmx75mm) 5’s
    x10 Plaster Strips
    x1 Profab Fabric Roll (25mmx3m)
    x1 Hypopore Paper Tape (24mmx3m)
    x2 Medium Pair of Gloves
    x2 Large Pair of Gloves
    x1 Cotton Wool 100g
    x1 First Aid Scissors (Metal)
    x1 Metal Forceps
    x1 Safety Pins (12’s)
    x2 Splints
    x2 CPR Mouthpiece
    x1 Antiseptic Wound Cleaner 100ml


    26 Items:
    1 x Absorbent Granules - 50g

    2 x 6g Chlorine Detergent-Disinfectant

    1 x Large - House Hold Gloves (Government Gazette, No. 28162 (p.23))

    1 x Medium - House Hold Gloves (Government Gazette, No. 28162 (p.23))

    15 x Paper - Regular Towel

    2 x Plastic Bag - Bio Hazardous - 500x600mm

    2 x 3ply Masks

    2 x Disposable Aprons