Performance Harness - Padded



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Performance Harness
Performance Harness
Performance Harness - Belay Loops
Performance Harness - Belay Loops

Performance Harness - Padded

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WAH010 - Performance Harness - Padded


  • Fall arrest


  •  Dorsal position (for fall arrest)


  • Easy to fit harness
  • Lightweight
  • Padded dorsal attachment point
  • Padded waist belt
  • Padded leg straps


  • Leg straps (standard buckles)
  • Shoulder straps (standard buckles)
  • Chest strap (standard buckles)


  • Small, Medium, Large, Xlarge, 2Xlarge


  • Harness Step can be fitted (not supplied standard)
  • Assorted Lanyard can be added (not supplied standard)


  • Primary webbing - Polyester 44mm wide with breaking strength of 22kN
  • Steel dee ring - Breaking strength of 3 ton
  • Standard buckle - Alloy steel 2/3 bar buckle so suit 44mm webbing
  • Plastic insert - Polypropylene moulded insert
  • Yarn - Polyester thread with colour contrasting to webbing colour
  • Label - Textile material 40mm wide with thermal transfer
  • Padding - High density foam padding 6mm

Product standards:

  • SANS 50361:2003 Full body harness

Conforms to:

  • N/A

Permit numbers:

  • 10853/17054
  • 10853/17064
  • 10853/17055

Disclaimer and product limitations:

Maximum weight of user (including clothing, PPE and tooling) is 100kg up to Fall Factor 1, and 120kg up to Fall Factor 2.

Adequate training on correct use of this equipment must be provided to the user by a competent person before this equipment is issued for use. Simply reading the equipment user instruction does not suffice as adequate training. This equipment must not be used by a person with any medical condition that could affect their safety when using the equipment in normal or emergency use. It is recommended that at least every three months the fall arrest system (or component) or other equipment be inspected by a competent person. This equipment is intended to be used for "fall arrest", "work restraint" and/or "rope access" as indicated. This equipment is not intended to be used for any other purpose other than indicated and may not be used outside of its limitations. This equipment becomes obsolete 5 years from manufacture date, regardless of the condition of the equipment. This equipment must be used strictly in accordance with the instructions given and without deviation. This equipment is used entirely outside of the manufacturers and suppliers control and accordingly the manufacturer nor the supplier can be held liable for any loss, claim or liability arising from any failure of this equipment from any cause whatsoever.